Sunday, January 06, 2013

The middle again

This is where I am:

"You know the "terror of the middle"? Most writers I know experience some terror over the vasty middle of the book, and having to fill it up with things happening, awesome things that move the plot and hold the reader rapt. It's hard! And for me the big work of writing a book is creating a story and set of characters in which that vasty middle becomes an organic thing, where the things that fill it feel "true," like they're what "really happened" in this alternate reality I'm cooking up. Where it doesn't feel like I'm struggling to fill anything up, but like this story is growing and racing and expanding and there is so much life it's difficult to contain it all in the pages. That's what I'm always seeking, and it takes a fair bit of work up front to make the characters and their situations real enough that the middle begins to unfold itself organically.

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(Also, I love Laini, I love her books, and I am about to receive Days of Blood and Starlight in the mail any day now and I know I will devour it in minutes).

And this is where I want to be:

"If we wait for the fleas of life to disappear – or if we succumb to our own frustration, our own fouled-up-ness, the discomfort that goes hand-in-hand with sitting down to write – we will be waiting a good long time. And we'll be in danger of forgetting the feeling – ironed-clean, lucid, clear, even hopeful – that visits us at the end of a day spent writing." - Dani Shapiro

Ironed-clean, lucid, clear and hopeful. That's what I want. At the moment my brain is rumpled as slept-in sheets, fuzzy, smeared and despairing.

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cbenavides said...

I am reading Days of Blood and Starlight right now - it's amazing!!