Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Well, we are back from a terrific time in Boston but both have horrible colds, which I suppose is inevitable after all that time spent on the subway and in the snow! AWP was just wonderful - I so enjoyed our panel (and thank you to everyone who came). The highlight for me was meeting Dominic Smith and Amanda Eyre Ward, my fellow panelists - and, of course, spending time with Mary Helen Specht, our moderator. We had a couple of days to wander about after our conference duties: we spent the first in the New England Aquarium, because it was snowing and sleeting like mad all day, and the second walking the Freedom Trail. Boston is such a beautiful city, especially in the snow, and I'm so glad we got the chance to explore a little.


two squirrels said...

Hello sweet, look at that beautiful snow, I just love the photography of the two of you.
I hope you are feeling better soon.
sending much love V
PS I sent a card to you last week, but silly me forgot to put stamps on it, oh dear!!!! Will send again tomorrow. oops

Janelle said...

i have just finished reading Cry of The Go Away Bird...blown away. couldn't put it down. . went to school in Salisbury (that's what it was called back then)...an astounding tale...which hit deep...and gave me goose bumps! THANK YOU! best and salaams x janelle in tanzania.

Janelle said...

Hi Andrea! I went to bishopslea and started arnundel. We lived in Zambia at the time and were boarders....during the war years.... A very very long time ago! Yikes! But all your descriptions are so evocative; i can smell, feel and see...and even the fear in the night, the crunching gravel , the ghosts and tokoloshes, the rude violence.... All of it....you write to perfection ... Must get your next book! You are indeed a wizard at your craft, ms eames! Best and salaams, janelle in tanzania. X

Life's a shoe said...

those jellies are so cute! love your photos!

Yakson House said...

what a good match with your wife! XD

good to see your blog. it was quite so good XD