Friday, February 28, 2014

New Orleans!

I would really love to start blogging again, after a year away, and I would like to talk about why I stopped - but, for today, here are some pictures of our weekend trip to New Orleans. LOML flew us there himself, which made us feel like jet-setting VIPs, and also meant that we didn't have to faff about in airport security. Small planes are the best. It was a four-hour trip, or thereabouts, with a stop along the way to refuel, and the view of the city as we came in to land was just glorious.

We stayed at Le Pavillon, and I am going to press-gang everyone I know into going there, because it was wonderful. The architecture and decor alone were worth the visit, but the service was what really made it special. You almost felt like the staff wanted you to have a problem so that they could go out of their way to fix it.

The reason we chose this place, a reflection of my sound decision-making strategies, is that the hotel has a tradition of putting out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hot chocolate from 10pm to 11pm every night. Apparently this started when a visiting businessman requested a PB and J and told the kitchen that it was because his whole family ate one at the same time every night as a way to feel close even when they were apart. And I suppose all the other guests wanted one too, because peanut butter is delicious. 

And the doorman wore a top hat and tails, which makes me very happy.

We visited the aquarium, watched the Carnival parades, wandered about the French Quarter, stopped in at the Voodoo Museum and ate a lot of gumbo, jambalaya and hot sauce. I was possibly most excited to see this little family of feral cats, cared for by the staff of one of the information desks down on the waterfront. They will come up to greet people they know, but despite all my cajoling and kissy noises they refused to acknowledge me. Anyway. I am happy that someone puts out food, water and blankets for them.

Bad weather set in when we were supposed to leave, so we were stuck in the airport for a few hours and then stuck in the clouds when we took off - but it made for some spectacular scenery. A bridge in the clouds!


id said...

And thanks to our friends Theresia and Mike for the hotel recommendation in the first place :)

Sarah said...

Wow!! What a fantastic trip. You and LOML are total rock stars coming in on your private plane :) I've missed your blog.

sinistrainksteyne said...

Glad to see you back!