Thursday, August 14, 2014

The dollhouse bedroom

I keep adding more and more detail to each room - so much fun. 

I wanted the bedroom to be fun and very feminine, again with a mix of new furniture and 'old' pieces that my homeowner has painted and updated.
  • I purchased an unpainted wooden cabinet and chest from Michael's (a couple of dollars each) and decorated them. I imagined the chest was her old toy chest from childhood that she painted and updated so that she could have it as a blanket box in her adult bedroom.
  • The bed is a block of wood that I covered with white felt to act as a 'mattress.' The sheets are fabric offcuts from Jo-Ann's Fabrics, again just a couple of dollars each, and the blankets are squares of craft felt. The pillows are felt and stuffing, glued together at the edges and decorated with Washi tape. I used the same tape as a stair runner.
  • The bedside table is an egg-cup turned upside down. I have since added a puffy sticker that acts as a mini iPhone.


  • The area rug is craft felt, and I made the two little sheepskin rugs out of craft fur. The fur was way too long, so I trimmed it down.
  • The mirror is from Michael's, as are the frames, which I painted. The pictures inside are cut from a magazine. I used another piece of scrapbook paper for the 'blinds.'
  • The vanity table was an Etsy purchase. The accessories on top are all buttons, except for the sunglasses - that's a vintage brooch!
  • The little books are jewellery charms.
  • The hat boxes were purchased, uncovered, from a craft store, and I covered them all in different scrapbook papers.
  • The suitcases now stacked next to the bed are actually a dimensional sticker.

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Sarah said...

I love this project of yours and I hope you'll share more of it! I see Audrey peeking out from the blue chest. Wonderful!