Monday, August 11, 2014

The dollhouse kitchen

This has been my first attempt at decorating a dollhouse and working with miniatures, and so I am a complete newbie with a lot to learn.

I imagined that my homeowner inherited the house mortgage-free from a beloved aunt (which explains how she can afford such an enormous place on a freelancer's wage), and, because strapped for cash, has decorated the place with odds and ends from her student days, flea-market and thrift-store finds, and DIY projects (there might be a little bit of projection there, because that's a pretty accurate description of my real-life house's decor style). She makes her money as a designer, but wants to paint full-time and so has converted one room into an attic studio.

So, the kitchen. She couldn't afford to renovate it, so the appliances and the linoleum floor are original to the house. Since some of the food is wildly out of scale, I justified it by saying she buys in bulk to save money - enormous bags of coffee, a tub of margarine large enough to feed an entire school camp, and so on.
  • I bought a dollhouse kitchen set from Mayberry Miniatures - the only 'real' furniture set I purchased for the whole house. It came with a table and two chairs, a sink, a stove and a fridge. I only used the chairs, stove and fridge in here - the other items ended up in different rooms. I gave the chairs paper 'cushions.'
  • The kitchen sink and the brown wooden table were both thrift-store finds, and the rug is from Terra Toys. 
  • The linoleum and wallpaper are scrapbook papers cut to fit. 
  • Some of the accessories are Mayberry Miniatures - such as the clock, the plants, and the sacks - and some are buttons I found at craft and fabric stores. I filed off the actual button part at the back. 
  • The cabinets are ready-made craft supplies from Michael's. They cost about $2, and they come unpainted.
  • The fruit in the fruit bowl is actually a pair of vintage earrings, and the bowl itself is from a thrift store.
  • Most of the food items are New World miniatures from New Zealand - the supermarket released a line of collectibles for its customers. The breakfast items are buttons.
  • I made the plates on the wall from chequers painted white and covered with paper.
  • The little recycling station in the corner is pictures from a magazine pasted on the wall.
  • The tiny posters were also cut from a magazine - I thought she might have bought them on holiday in Scandinavia and moved them from house to house in her student days, so they have sentimental value.
  • The kitten was Not Helpful to the process.


Sharon said...

this is just the best thing ever! I could look at these pictures all day :)

Sarah said...

I am in love! What a darling kitchen! I love miniatures. I find them so relaxing and absorbing. Beautiful job! Please show more!

sinistrainksteyne said...

What an eye for detail!
The kitten is a little reminiscent of The Tiger Who Came to Tea, don't you think?