Thursday, August 21, 2014

The dollhouse living room

I picture the homeowner as some kind of animal wearing clothes, a la the Sylvanians. I haven't quite figured out exactly what she is, yet - but, let's be honest, she'll probably end up being a giant owl. Or a cat. With a tiny pet cat. Because it's my dollhouse universe and it doesn't have to be logical. On that basis, the pictures in here may well be family portraits.
  • The 'paintings' on the walls are either greeting cards or pictures cut from magazines.
  • The cabinet is another Michael's $2 special. I painted it and added wallpaper at the back of the shelves and cut-out books in front of that.
  • The hat and coat rack was an Etsy purchase, and the little handbag is a papercraft charm from a craft store.
  • The chandelier and the two chairs against the wall are wood cut-outs from Michael's that I painted.
  • The wallpaper is craft paper, and the rug is felt.
  • The 'cowhide' rug layered over the chevron one is cut from an old suede elbow patch.
  • The little letter rack was a thrift find - I actually found two of them, so I combined the tiny letters from both and used the second one upstairs in the office. 

  • I made the coffee table out of various craft-wood bits. Since then, I have taken off the gold legs and given it a white base instead, because I thought it was too high.

  • The sofa is sawn down from an unpainted craft bench to get the right proportions, and then upholstered in foam and felt. The sheepskin rug is made from craft fur, and the cushions are cut-outs backed with card.
  • The chair was $2.47 from Mayberry Miniatures. I painted it yellow (although it has since become black, and I've added cushions to the sofa and the chair).
  • The books on the coffee table are jewellery charms, and the Ferris Bueller's Day Off board game is cut from a magazine.
  • The little stools are craft wood pieces painted and covered with felt.

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Sarah said...

I love this. So very, very much.